GAMfilm Productions is a company focused on the development and production of films, television shows, documentaries, commercials, and music videos.

GAMfilm culture is about igniting ideas, visual ingenuity, riveting, ground breaking production concepts and designs. We are a company that continually seeks to re-invent itself, pushing the envelope of creativity by shaping each production vision into an exceptional final product.

Our creative philosophy is to develop and produce original projects by collaborating with our team of distinguished talent, bringing to each production an inimitable vision that will intrigue audiences eager to see new stories told in profoundly unique ways.

As a production company, we work two ways in shooting TV spots. If we are producing the total commercial, we are involved in all stages of concept, design, scripting, storyboarding, shooting and post-production. If we work with an agency, we develop the production budget, organize the "shoot," and choose the director and talent for the spot. We then ensure that the finished product is on time, on budget and most importantly, truly delivers the concept that the creative team had in mind.

GAMfilm Productions has been created to explore the opportunities available worldwide with affiliations in London, Paris, and New York, reaching clients in the international marketplace eager to have memorable, strategic communication that resonates in the minds of its viewer.

GAMfilm Productions was founded by the internationally awarded director, writer, and producer A.G. Melkom.

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