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A.G. Melkom's groundwork in visual articulation formed early on through the medium of oil on canvas, when at age 18 she completed the first of three critically acclaimed solo exhibitions in abstract expressionism.  After finishing her academic work in fine arts and graphics in Paris at Sorbonne's elite L'Ecole Nationale Des Arts Decoratif, Melkom returned to New York and began formal film training through the Director's Program at the School of Visual Arts.  Embodied in a 19-year career in documentaries, commercials, and music videos are Melkom's unique capabilities for using diversity in creative modes of expression, and her ability to interweave varying artistic mediums.


In the early 90's, Melkom returned to Europe to develop English animation shorts for Pearce Studios in London.  She later worked with Hampden Gurney Studios, Mayfair Advertising, and Ginger Films, adding production expertise to her writing and animation credits.


Melkom made her film directing debut, Splinters, a black comedy about a desperate women, a diabetic in insulin shock, an Orthodontist, a TV actor and a kitchen cabinet installation man all held at gunpoint by a madmen during a tornado.  The film was honored at the Berlin Film Festival and appeared on WDR in Germany and Pathe' Norsk (DR-K) in Denmark.


In the mid-90's, Melkom re-entered New York's creative market first as a production coordinator for Kasper Productions, then subsequently as a production manager for Madison Films.  Melkom later line produced commercials and industrials for the DayBreak Organization and Gateway Productions.  After several years of producing and working in development with Skyline Productions, Sungroup Films, and EPO Films in New York, Melkom established in 1998 her independent production company, GAMfilm Productions. 


Melkom focused her attention towards her long time interest in writing and directing music videos and commercials.  Melkom also had the opportunity to write for Tele-Communications - Canada, Trials of Love, a story of struggle between a grieving father driven to murder for the retribution of his son's suicide and the failings of the legal system.


Documentary filmmaking shortly followed with Brother Cain, about domestic homicide; Gettin' In, was another documentary produced by Melkom as an expose on racial injustices in the music video industry, which aired on MTV. 

Melkom also wrote, La Grande Finale, a teleplay about near-death experiences and a suicide pack among three men dying from AIDS.  E - Reality, a 30- minute television strip focusing on the continuing psychological and physical influences that politics, media, trends, and science have on the way we experience the reality of our daily lives.  Portraits In Obsession, a documentary on pathological relationships that focuses on women who become emotionally involved with serial killers.


For five years, Melkom resided in Paris, France, researching and writing a documentary series entitled, Le Pouvoir De l'esprit (Power of the Mind) for Channel M6 Television: a science series unraveling the unusual emotional, intellectual, and inexplicable mental mysteries of human thought and behavior.


Melkom directed, wrote and produced Watch Over Me, a documentary about individual involved in the Civil Grand Jury; and most recently directed POZ Forward, a documentary on newly diagnosed individuals with HIV. 


Melkom has also taught moviemaking at UCLA.

GAMFilm Productions

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